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All About V.S. BRONZE

The Home of Bronze Arts & Crafts

With a variety of product ranges at V.S. Crafts, we deliberately classify our differences in styles to three main themes: 

  • VS Brand - Oriental and Thai style bronze sculptures. You will find a collection of buddha images, oriental sculptures (such as Kwan Yin images, Ganesh images, and more) as well as, locally-inspired items such as Naga sculptures as fountains.

  • V.S. Crafts - Interior and Exterior decorative items. You will find fountains for your garden, lamps in western designs, urns, columns, and many others for you to explore from our 2,000+ designs.

  • PPP Design - Our baby brand with lifestyle products. Function and Design are the major keys. 

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V.S. BRONZE consists of three major brands: V.S. Brand, V.S. Crafts, and PPP Design.


VS Brand


V.S. Crafts


PPP Design

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